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Pay up front & save $50!

75 - 300 fully edited digital photos | Two outfit changes if you want  | Typically 45 min-1 hour of shoot time | Varying locations within reason  | An online gallery to share with friends and family to download their own photos | A custom wooden Comanche Spirit 16GB USB | A print release to print your photos wherever you want! | Ask me about my $50 discount!

"Accept who you are and revel in it."  -author unknown

Boudoir sessions have the ability to both inspire and fan the flames of a relationship.  These sessions also build self-confidence and love of one’s self.  It is so important to me that every single woman I photograph feel beautiful in their own skin.  And, if you don't feel that way going into the session....I can assure will feel that way leaving it!  Yes, we all have imperfections.  But, those imperfections can make us beautiful and unique.  And, I can be the professional that helps you see your own potential through my experience and expertise.  

Boudoir sessions are all about being comfortable.  No client is completely comfortable going into these sessions.  But, I feel that all of my clients have a change of heart immediately once the session starts. Every client is different, and every client requires individualized attention. In your session, from start to finish, I will not only guide you through every single position and pose, but I will help you feel more and more comfortable throughout the appointment to where you're even having fun! By highlighting and shadowing your angles and placing your body in the perfect positions to impress, I will guide you through the entire process.  

I do not allow minimum or maximum time frames in boudoir sessions. Every woman will have an individualized experience where they are the only focus. It's important that you trust in my vision to make you look the most beautiful you can be in front of the camera.  Your participation in the choices we make about clothing, poses, settings, and angles is key to the success of your shoot.  This is why I will show you your photos all the way through your shoot.  I will teach you how to pose your body, tweak a smirk, bend an elbow, and tilt your head to "WOW!"  

There is so much negativity pointed toward women in this day and age, and so many comparisons and efforts to be perfect.  Each woman has beauty in them. I want to be the professional that will help it shine through so that you can see it for yourself!  

These sessions can be held anywhere! I have shot these sessions in hotel rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, automobiles, outdoors, cattle ranches, work shops, rented spaces, and so many more places.  The privacy of my boudoir clients is one of my top priorities!  Not one photo is shared on social media or even upload online without approval and written consent.  Even sneak peeks are sent in a different form.  

Complete discretion and confidentiality is upheld for every boudoir client unless otherwise approved.  For this reason, any photo examples requested, other than those found on this page, will only be shown in person and by appointment. Please set up an appointment to see my sample work, or feel free to ask questions you might have!

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