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  • Why is payment due on the first day of the month?
    When you book a full session with Comanche Spirit, you are automatically offered a significant discount to prepay in full the day that you book. I do this because it not only offers my clients a discount, but it also decreases the amount of work and additional communication required to prepare for your shoot. If you choose to forgo the discount, then your payment is due by the first of the month in which your session will be held. This allows me to make final preparations to my schedule for that month and offer any open slots to clients that may be on the waiting list. I understand that things come up and sometimes finances are not available, so if your month rolls around and you are unable to pay for your session by the 1st, just let me know and we can postpone the session for you.
  • Family photos are stressful, my kids won’t be still and my husband hates it. Can you help?"
    Photo sessions can be very stressful and even cause anxiety for some people, and I sympathize with that completely. I will do everything to ensure this is not the case when working with me. I hope to change people’s perspectives about what family photos really are. I want women to walk away from my sessions feeling confident, beautiful and proud of their kids for just being themselves. I want men to leave thinking that was a breeze and “We have to take all of our family pictures with her from now on.” And above all, I want your children to leave excited that the “picture lady” is their new best friend. Some of the things I do to help make the experience even more enjoyable are: Letting kiddos pick a toy from the treasure chest to take home. Staging you and offering body direction during the whole shoot. Let your children run the shoot which leads to bigger smiles for everyone involved. I bring delicious Carly’s Cookies to almost every mini session. And I not only allow, but encourage you to bring your beverage of choice for a more relaxed experience. Overall, I hope you can come to your family session with an open mind and leave with a new outlook on taking family photos.
  • How long will it take to get our photos back?
    In a perfect world, I would have each customer’s finished album to them within two weeks of their session. However, sometimes that is just not reasonable. Some seasons are busier than others, and I may have up to 50 sessions a month! I also edit all of your photos individually and do not throw away any for the sake of time, even if that means your finished album has more photos than promised! While it can be frustrating to wait for your album, your patience and understanding is appreciated. I promise it will be worth it! Plus, if I have time, I try to share sneak peaks within the first week to curb some of those anxious feelings.
  • Will you post our photos on your social media platforms or website?
    After sending your sneak peeks to you for approval, I will share a few of them on my social media sites and tag you in them. You are welcome to share them as much or as little as you like! You can also share them directly from your online gallery once you've been sent the link. Please inform me if you do NOT want your photos shared on social media. Any and all photos of clients will be used for marketing and advertising purposes (with the exception of Boudoir Sessions) unless you inform me otherwise. When you receive your online gallery, I ask that you and anyone you share it with do NOT screenshot photos. Please take the time to download them. When you screenshot my photos and then upload them to social media, it severely hinders the quality of my work. Not only is it frustrating for you to have blurry photos, it does not accurately represent my hard work. Additionally, printing any photos that are screenshot or saved off of social media will compromise the quality of your prints.
  • Do you provide prints?
    My busy schedule does not allow time for printing each customer’s photos. But, to your benefit, this saves you money as you can choose where and how many photos you would like to print. I provide you with an online gallery to view and download your photos along with a digital copy of my print release. This even allows you to share your digital album with friends and family so they can print any photos they like as the print release is extended to whomever you choose to share it with. Additionally, I will mail you a custom Comanche Spirit Photography USB. These USBs make printing a breeze! While I do not provide prints for my customers, I do sell printing rights to some of my personal collection which include photos of buffalo, beautiful landscapes and Native American culture. Below I have listed some of my favorite places to print from. Watch my Facebook page frequently as I share specials and deals all the time from companies looking to gain your printing business! FAVORITE LOCAL PRINTERS (OKC): Red River Digital FAVORITE FOR CANVASES: Easy Canvas Prints FAVORITE FOR PRINTS: Mpix FAVORITE FOR PHOTO BOOKS: Shutterfly
  • What should I wear?
    What you wear is completely up to you! I can work with any type of outfits, but I love assisting in the process of helping you pick something out to enhance your photos even more! Please let me know if you would like some suggestions, and feel free to send me options if you need help deciding. Be BOLD in your outfit decisions! Patterns/colors….Matchy, matchy outfits for multiple clients (such as a family) are not always the best choice. Different prints, solids, florals, layers and even colors go very well together when photographed. If everyone is in a solid or print, it will take away from your photos. A few colors that do not mesh well with my editing style in any season are bright greens and solid yellow. Some of my favorite colors to photograph are red, orange, mustard, any shade of brown, black white and really the list goes on forever. Hats… please do not discourage your husband or son from wearing a cap or hat if they can be found doing so the majority of the time. THey will be less comfortable during the shoot, and when you get the photos back, it will not be a true representation of who they really are. I like stylish hats on ladies! I like hats on men! And I’m a sucker for a good cowboy hat! Glasses...if you wear glasses on a regular basis, please feel free to wear them. However, please make sure to clean them before the session. If your glasses are transitional, please bring a separate pair that are not, prepare to remove them, or be advised that they will be dark outdoors should you choose to leave them on. Tips….Some rules of thumb I try to stick with are: Avoid 3/4 sleeves, boxy tops, and horizontal stripes for women. Take all items out of your pocket. Including your phone. Dress for the weather. Ladies-contour, contour, contour! Also, False lashes are a cheap way to enhance your close-ups even more. Iron or starch your clothes! Lastly, my biggest piece of advice for moms trying to plan family photos is to focus on yourself. It is NOT selfish. Moms should pick their outfits first, and coordinate everyone else’s from there. If mom feels confident and comfortable, sessions tend to go smoother. Let's be honest ladies- if we don’t look good in the photos, they are not getting printed.
  • Do you edit every photo you take?
    Absolutely! If you have taken photos with me before, you know that I click that button continuously, because missing candid moments is just not an option for me. Additionally, I will not delete great photos for the sake of time. I edit each and every picture I take with the exception of out of focus photos and ones in which clients eyes are closed. I spend many hours editing each album because my clients deserve an individualized experience!
  • Do you shoot events such as family gatherings or banquets?
    Though I am flattered that you would want to make me a part of your special get together, my honest opinion is that large gatherings such as reunions are not the perfect venue for professional photography. My photography is recognizable because of the locations I pick for your sessions, and as always lighting is the most important aspect. In addition, guests of your event don’t always take kindly to having a camera in their face the entire time. However, I understand wanting to document gatherings with loved ones and friends you don't get to see often, so rather than turn you down on photographing your event, I recommend carving out a small portion of the time (30-60 minutes) where everyone can step outside with me to take group and family photos. Not to mention, it will save you money by not having a professional photographer there the entire time.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Absolutely! “Family member” is not just a title extended to those on two legs. If you choose to bring a pet, please make sure they are on a leash at least until you get there. Also, set your expectations based on the fact that animals don’t always like to cooperate during the entire session. I am very used to photographing livestock and animals of all kinds and I am versed in the importance of both rodeo horses and exhibition animals.
  • When should we take our engagement photos?
    There are no rules that say when you have to take your engagement photos. However, the advance in which you want to have your edited photos will depend on if/when you are sending out save the dates and/or invitations. I say, the sooner the better so that you can mark that off your list.
  • When should I take maternity photos?
    Maternity photos are best taken after you are noticeably pregnant, but before you start to retain additional water. Let’s be honest ladies, we just don't feel quite as beautiful seven, eight or even nine months pregnant. In my opinion, the sweet spot is anywhere between five and seven months depending on the woman.
  • How far will you travel? Do you charge travel fees?
    There are no limits to the miles I will go to photograph a client. I do travel within 60 miles of my home for no charge. If it is beyond 60 miles, I charge regular mileage to and from your shoot. That is 120 miles FOR FREE! However, if I am already at a destination location, such as Dallas, and you book a shoot while I am there, there is no travel fee. (Mileage rate for 2024 is .67 per mile)
  • Will the final photograph have your logo?
    In final edited albums, I do not include the “Comanche Spirit Photography” logo on your photos. Once you receive your album from Comanche Spirit, those photos are YOURS. However, I do put my logo on all sneak peaks that go on my social media to protect my hard work and spread awareness for my business.
  • Do you have insurance?
    One of my best friends is an insurance agent and has made sure that both my business and my clients are safely taken care of during every shoot. In addition, the technological world we live in requires online precautions and insurability to protect your photos. Yes, it's very important to me to offer you not only professional photos, but an all around professional experience.
  • What is the best time of year to schedule shoots?
    Honestly there is no rule of thumb for which season is the best to take photos in. It truly depends on your family’s style and LIFEstyle. Because of the beautiful colors in Oklahoma, my favorite season to photograph is fall… any time in October or November. But, by the time the new year rolls around, I am equally as excited and looking forward to the beautiful spring colors. Additionally, growing up in the farming community, there is just something to be said about taking harvest photos in the middle of the summer. There is not a month of the year in which I refuse to take photos, we will create amazing work together regardless of the time of year. However, if there were any months I might prefer to shoot indoors, it would be January and February due to the lack of color in Oklahoma at that time. You will often find me traveling to different climates during these months.
  • Can you help me feel more confident in photos?
    Women especially, tend to always find something wrong with the way we look and feel. This causes us to feel insecure in front of a camera. Through much experience, I will do my best to help position and highlight you in the most flattering light. Yes, there are tricks of the trade, and I know them all! I am a woman too, and I know how frustrating it can be to not feel 100% confident in your skin. I will make it my personal mission to change the way you view yourself, and give you an image you are proud to hang in your home. Please know, it is very important to me that you are not just happy with your final images, but that you feel they are some of the best you've ever taken.
  • How will I receive my photos?
    Once I finish editing your photos, I upload them to an online gallery and send you a link with a four-digit code via email to access your album. From there, you have 30 days to download your photos. You may also share the link and code with whomever you wish for them to do the same! Additionally, for all sessions excluding minis, I send you a custom Comanche Spirit Photography USB with all of your photos. Your USB will not only act as a backup to your digital files, it also makes printing a breeze! While you will receive the USB, I strongly encourage you to download ALL of your photos from your online gallery as soon as possible. I do not save any photos for clients, so, 30 days after delivery they will be removed from the galley permanently.
  • What days of the week do you do photo sessions?
    Photography is not just a job for me, it is also a passion. Therefore, I shoot photo sessions every single day. However, I am a wife and mother to two very busy kiddos. I also have another full-time job. So, although I shoot every day, I greatly appreciate your patience when it comes to communication as I try to balance many facets of my life.
  • What all is included in an extended family session?  Why does it cost more?
    Booking an extended family session with Comanche Spirit Photography is a great way to document your growing family with all siblings, spouses, children, parents and grandparents. An extended family session includes photos of the entire group, as well as individual family units, cousin groups, couples, elders and so much more! The session is $50 more than a normal family session as it is typically longer, takes more effort to direct everyone, and I spend more time editing as there are more individuals involved.
  • What is the most detrimental thing to getting wonderful photos?  What would make you want to reschedule a session?
    Unexpected Oklahoma weather does require the photographer and the client to be as flexible as possible in regards to unfavorable weather conditions. Though the temperature will not typically warrant me rescheduling a session on you, it is important that you are comfortable during your shoot. So, should bad weather conditions arise at the last minute, please do not hesitate to ask if we can reschedule. There are two conditions in which I will strongly encourage and almost insist that you reschedule- rain and windy days. I understand that it takes a lot of effort to prepare for a photo session. However, proceeding with a shoot in such conditions will lead to hair blowing everywhere, clothes laying in an unflattering manner, squinty eyes, etc. Any time I reschedule shoots for weather conditions, it is always in the interest of helping my clients get the best product for their money.
  • Why did you name your business Comanche Spirit Photography
    My grandpa was one of the greatest loves of my life and our relationship shaped me in more ways than I can count. When he passed, I got a tattoo down my spine to commemorate him. The tattoo reads “Comanche Spirit.” As many of you know, my family is of indigenous descent-something my grandpa was very proud of. A pillar of Native American culture is strong spiritual connection, and although he passed before I even developed a passion for photography, my grandpa’s spirit lives on each time I pick up my camera. I love photography almost as much as I love my grandpa. Naturally, I could not imagine naming my business anything else. Comanche Spirit Photography has given me an outlet to honor my grandpa’s memory, celebrate the strength and beauty of my heritage, and serve so many families in the process.
  • How long are sessions?
    I have a wide array of sessions to choose from, and each type of session lasts a different amount of time. The shortest sessions I offer are minis (15-30 minutes), while some of my larger sessions, like families, typically last 45 minutes to an hour. If you would like to learn more about each type of session I offer, please head over to my website,, click on “Types of Sessions,” choose one you are interested in and read all about it under “what that includes.”
  • How do I pay for my session?
    I accept payment via cash, checks, Venmo, and PayPal. You may also pay with credit via Invoice, however you will incur a 3% fee. Here’s the best part... unlike many photographers, there is NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED to book a session with me. While payment is not due until the first day of the month in which your session is scheduled, there are often significant discounts (even up to $50!) for paying in full the day you book. At CSP we do our best to offer options to make investing in your forever photos convenient and easy for the client.
  • Why did you start?
    Sports is the main reason I got into photography. I have always loved photographing my kiddos while playing sports. After a while, I started photographing other kids on their teams, and sharing the photos with their parents. Before I knew it, it became an every game occurrence! Quickly, I fell in love with the way it felt to deliver photos to people. Seeing my clients’ faces light up when they see their pictures is what hooked me years ago, and what keeps me going to this day. I am blessed to do this for my clients!
  • Your work looks different than some photographers, why?"
    Being a photographer based in rural Oklahoma places me in a bit of a unique niche. Many of my clients are from a farming, ranching or western background, and the warmth of my photos matches the aesthetic in their homes. I love bringing out Oklahoma’s rich beauty through my editing style. Another thing that makes my photographs a bit different is a lack of staging. I am a huge fan of candid moments and capturing the authentic personalities of my clients. I love to let children run through a field while I follow their imagination with my camera. I adore capturing mom admiring her husband with the kiddos or tiny arms wrapped around dad’s leg. These moments allow me to provide each client with an individualized experience and a product that is easily recognizable as my work.
  • Do you shoot weddings?
    As of 2021, I am no longer shooting weddings. I am flattered by any wedding inquiries, and I love to celbrate love. However, weddings just don't fit my photography vision anymore. I want to contuinue shooting children, families, seniors and other creative ventures. However, I am happy to refer you to my assistant who is an upcoming photographer specializing in couples and weddings! If you don't connect with her style, I can refer you to other photographers as well.
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