Frequently asked questions

When is payment due?

Payment is due at the beginning of the month your session is scheduled for. A deposit is not required to reserve your session time, but there are often significant discounts if you prepay in full on the day that you book your session. I accept cash, credit, checks, Venmo, and paypal.

How do I prepare for my session?

I understand and sympathize with the fact that photo sessions can be very stressful and even cause anxiety for some people. Let me assure you, I will do eve3rything to make sure this is not the case when working with me. We all want to have great photos, but we don't want to go through the process of taking them...even myself! Women especially, tend to always find something wrong with the way they look and feel. This causes us to never be satisfied with our photos. Rest assured, it is very important to me that you are not just happy with your final images, but that you feel they are some of the best you've ever taken. Through much experience, I will do my best to help position and highlight you in the most flattering light. I am very detail oriented, and find even the smallest things like fixing a hair importnat. The more information you can provide me with about previous photos or experiences, the more I can do my best to deliver a product you love!

When do I get my photos?

Most session packaged include a 48 hour window for delivery of your sneak peeks. I am just as excited to see the results as you are, so I will do my best to get these to you quickly via email or text through Dropbox. There are lots of ways photographers can assist in enhancing your photos. I do not filter my albums to one specific preset. I edit each and every individual photo! For this, I spend many, many hours editing each album. I guarentee to do my best to make sure you have a variety of images and edits to choose from. With that said, please understand that I have a very busy lifestyle and do my best to squeeze everyone in around an already full schedule. Unless requested, I can not rush your final album without extra time and editing hours. There is an additional charge to rush any final albums. Final edited albums are either mailed or hand delivered (depending on location) on a custom USB within 4 weeks of your session, and many times sooner. This USB is yours to keep! Session packages with fewer images are delivered much quicker. However, you will have access to your sneak peeks during this time to print online should you wish to not wait on the custom USB.

How can I share my sneak peeks?

After sharing your sneak peeks with you for approval, I will share a few of them on my social media sites and tag you in them. You are welcome to share them as much or as little as you like! You can also share them directly from Dropbox once you've been sent the link. Please inform me if you do NOT want your photos shared on social media. Unless otherwise informed any and all photos from clients will be used for marketing and advertisment purposes (with the exception of Boudoir Sessions) unless you inform me otherwise.

Where should I print my photos?

You have the rights to print your photos wherever you like! When you purchase a session from Comanche Spirit Photography, you are purchasing the rights to all digital photos from that session. As mentioned before, I have a very busy schedule and do not offer services to order prints directly from me. But, I am also not going to tell my clients where they can and can't print their images. On your custom USB you will also receive a copyright relsease so tht you can print anywhere in store or online. Some places requre you to have this on hand, others do not. I can always send a digital copy to your phone as well should you need it. Wal-Mart seems to be the only one so far that is pretty firm on this subject. Printing from companies of your choice assures that you get the product you're willing to pay for, cuts out the middle man, and saves you on mark-up prices. Below I have listed some of my favorite places to print from. Watch my Facebook page frequently as I share speicals and deals all the time from companies looking to gain your pirnting business! FAVORITE LOCAL PRINTERS (OKC): Red River Digital FAVORITE FOR CANVASES: Easy Canvas Prints FAVORITE FOR PRINTS: Mpix FAVORITE FOR PHOTO BOOKS: Shutterfly

What should I wear?

What you wear is completely up to you! I can work with any type of outfits, but love assisting in the process of helping you pick something out to enhance your photos even more! Please let me know if you would like some suggestions, and feel free to send me options if you need help deciding. Multiple outfit changes are allowed if requested, and for certain types of sessions encouraged. Please understand the more outfit changes there are, the less time we will have to actually take photographs. Matchy, matchy outfits for multiple clients (such as a family) are not always the best choice. Different prints, solids, florals, layers, and even colors go very well together when photgraphed. If everyone is in a solid or print, it will take away from your photos. Some rules of thumb I stick with are to try to avoid 3/4 sleeves, boxy tops, loose fitting cardigans that do not flatter the figure, and horozontal stripes for women. Do not stress about the attire or spend tons of money on new outfits unless you want to. The quality of your photos have more to do with the lighting than what you're wearing. This is why it's important to trust your photographer when they suggest what times of day to schedule your session. A great outfit will definately make your photos pop, but a great photographer can make almost any outfit look good!