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Pay up front & save $50!

*75 - 300 fully edited digital photos | 2-6 outfit changes if you want  | Typically 45 min-1 hour of shoot time | Varying locations within reason  | An online gallery to share with friends and family to download their own photos | A custom wooden Comanche Spirit 16GB USB | A print release to print your photos wherever you want! | Ask me about my $50 discount!

Senior Sessions, the last chance we have as parents to capture what’s left of our kids childhood innocence before they fly the coop. It's also the first time we’ll look at a photo of them and realize they’ve become young adults. Senior photos are not only meant to document your seniors life and accomplishments up to this point, but it's an introduction of who they have become and a chance to share that with the world!  Long gone are the days of only panel photos and suited up headshots in front of a colored backdrop.  Let's take this opportunity to express your seniors personality and interests through a series of photos that capture the very essence of who they are and what they are interested in.  I have a great eye for details and love connecting with your seniors to make their session fun and unique... something even they will be proud of!  We don't want their photos to be like anyone else's!  We want them to be the perfect reflection of the young adult you have raised and are sending out into the world.

I suggest all seniors have at least three outfit changes for their session, but there is really no limit as to how many outfits you would like to use within reason.  I am happy to help with styling at your request and I love giving my opinion on your ideas through inspirational photos and suggestions for awesome locations.  We can choose one or a combination of locations to shoot at that are close together so that we have many different backgrounds and settings.  This will give you more variety in your final edited album, and assure there are tons of photos you are happy with!  More commonly than not, my parents have trouble choosing what photos to print b/c they have so many options they love.  


Should you do more than one session?  This is truly just a personal preference.  I have many seniors that do one session to save on the cost, and many seniors that do two or even three sessions b/c they want to shoot in different locations or seasons.  There is no right or wrong answer.  You will have plenty of photos to choose from if you decide to do only one session, but if your senior would like to have more variety in their album and shoot at different times of the year, then I suggest booking two sessions.  


Please remember to schedule your Senior Sessions plenty of time in advance.  I have some clients that book as far out as 3 or 4 years in advance.  Evenings and weekends are the first to go...esp in busy times of the year like fall and spring.  It is never too early to schedule!  When it comes to booking, I know that you don't always have your calendar finalized for the year.  So, if you have things come up, it's okay!  Just contact me and I will be happy to offer you other dates to reschedule to.  

I am very flexible with my seniors!

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