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Pay up front & save $50!

*75 - 300 fully edited digital photos | Unique outfits and newborn props provided  | Varying times depending on baby's needs  | Typically located at my house  | An online gallery to share with friends and family to download their own photos | A custom wooden Comanche Spirit 16GB USB | A print release to print your photos wherever you want! | Ask about $50 discount!

Newborn photography is one of the most popular types of photography, but it can be hard to find a professional newborn photographer in rural Oklahoma.  Well, you're in luck!  Every mother wants to document those beginning moments when their baby is as tiny and fragile as they'll ever be.  Newborns are always a challenge for those who are unprepared, this is one reason why it is so important that your photographer is patient and experienced so your little one is safe and comfortable the entire time.  I will spend as much time with your baby as we need to guarantee successful results that I am proud of and that you can cherish forever.  Every moment is spent devoted to you and your little one.  Every child is unique and should have one of a kind newborn photos.  It is very important to me to push the limits of newborn photography by offering a customized shoot that will give you more than just the typical newborn shots in a lighted studio.  Every newborn shoot is tailored to the family, their interests, hobbies, and character.  Every baby is completely safe and comfortable during their shoot, and mom or dad or even grandmas that join are never more than inches away...resting, relaxing, watching me work, and enjoying some much needed "down time" napping or watching tv in the comfort of my home.


Wanting me to travel to you?  It is possible.  I do highly recommend coming to me in Medford, because I have hundreds of props for you to choose from, and it is impossible for me to travel with all of them.  In addition, I can control the lighting and backgrounds at my location.  However, if you are too far away or unable to travel, I am able to come to you!  Ask me more about this.

It is best to do newborn photos within the first week or so of birth.  Brand new little ones sleep the most during this time, and we will have a much better chance of getting your little cuties into the positions we want them in if they are still in this stage.  Although I am happy to try to squeeze siblings in some of the photos with newborns, it is best to do this and any family photos at a later date so that we can have full control of the noises and atmosphere of the newborn.  This is why I recommend doing a mini family and/or sibling shoot shortly after the newborn session, on a different day.  Plus, dads usually appreciate the fact that they do not have to come sit for hours at the newborn session doing nothing.  This mini shoot IS included in the newborn price above.  We can discuss this more in length for each family.  Just ask me!


Have you considered a fresh 48 session?  Ask me about more info if interested.

SCHEDULING - I suggest scheduling a newborn session with me as early as possible!  You can never schedule too early!  We will pick a morning (babies ALWAYS do better in the morning) about a week after your due date to put you on the schedule. Then, you just keep me informed throughout your pregnancy as much or as little as you want.  Let me know when you're getting close, when you are scheduled to induce, or even when you go into labor or have the little one.  I will then adjust my schedule if at all possible to fit around your newborn.  Newborns take precedence!  The more you keep me in the loop, or the sooner I know of their arrival, the more I can accommodate your new family!

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