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25-100 fully edited digital photos | Typically 15-30 min of shoot time | Set locations once per season  | An online gallery to share with friends and family to download their own photos |

Everyone's favorite sessions!

Mini sessions are a great way to capture a season of life while saving time and money. My mini sessions are always held on a specific day, with a specific location chosen by me. Mini sessions are advertised ahead of time to fill the spots in a first come first serve fashion. Mini sessions last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. The location is often staged and will be advertised as so.  For example, many times I will use old classic automobiles in the background of the sessions. Mini sessions are promoted on my Facebook page, Snapchat, and in email notifications.  Watch for the next one coming up soon! All mini sessions must be prepaid at the time of reserving the session and are non-refundable due to the limited number of available spots. 

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