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Pay up front & save $50!

*75 - 300 fully edited digital photos | Two outfit changes if you want  | Typically 45 min-1 hour of shoot time | Varying locations within reason  | An online gallery to share with friends and family to download their own photos | A custom wooden Comanche Spirit 16GB USB | A print release to print your photos wherever you want! | 

Fashion and unique style is something I’m very passionate about! Fashion is how we express ourselves. It can define us and give us an outlet when words fail us. A fashion session could be for anyone! I have worked with several boutiques that use fashion sessions as a form of advertisement for their merchandise. I have also worked with several models and aspiring artists that use fashion sessions to market themselves and their social media pages. No matter what type of business you’re in, social media is hands down the best way to connect with your audience. But, if you don’t keep your photos up to date and fresh within your social media accounts, they can convey a stagnant online presence that might even overflow to the perception about your products and services. In short, keep your social media accounts current and ever-changing. A fashion session is perfect for this, or even if you’re just looking for some new profile pics!

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